Accusers of the Brethren


There’s a long and ridiculous story of guilt by association that formed over the Thanksgiving weekend, the short version of which is that Rod Dreher, Alastair Roberts, and a few other gay nerds got a good man, Thomas Achord, fired from his job because they accused him of edgy tweets that would corrupt the youth rather than supply them with dank memes. And the amazing reason for this effort was to tarnish the reputation of Achord’s friend Stephen Wolfe, whose wonderful new book, The Case for Christian Nationalism, was reviewed here recently.

The disgusting schoolgirl gossip has had a devastating effect on Achord’s life, and those who are responsible will answer for what they have done. But thank God, an amazing and praiseworthy thing has happened since the witch hunt began. In what can only be called a protest against what the attack mob has done to the Achord family, donations to the Achord support fund are growing fast. The designs of these evil men have visibly backfired, and it’s a joy to watch this unfold in real time. For all of Rod Dreher’s menstrual agony over the school community being torn apart, blah blah blah, the reality is that while men care deeply about the profound issues being fought over, the best way to make women your sworn enemy is to place families at needless risk. These people at the school and in the area know Thomas as a good man, a good friend, and a good teacher, and they have only love for him. Their hatred is for the witch hunters. And so the donations grow.

This post is not a response to the dull minutiae of that witch hunt, but rather focuses on what Dreher has published in The American Conservative regarding the matter. The first part of his article, focused on Achord, is weak sauce that will likely cause your testicles to shrink if you read it. If you don’t believe me, read the comments under the article, which are even stupider than you might guess. The second part (the “update,” which begins with mention of the excellent Dow/Achord book, Who is My Neighbor?) is fascinating for the reasons given for the homo-inquisition. 

In a magazine called The American Conservative, mind you, Rod writes that “questions of nation and community” are legitimate, but not if “racist beliefs are being smuggled.” This is hilarious, because our fathers, who gave us our nation and community, were fundamentally Kinist on all racial matters. How could anyone deny this? As usual, the Marxist word “racism” goes undefined, but simply refer to the opinions of your own grandfathers, if you’re confused about what qualifies. See the congressional acts of 1790 and 1795 in restricting immigration to free whites only, if you’re curious about the “racist” foundations of American government.

Rod then goes into a discussion of how post-Christian secular liberalism, Marxism, and capitalism dissolve “thick communities” and religious, cultural, and national traditions. (What makes a community thick goes unmentioned.) He recognizes that where he lives, Hungarians “prefer to keep their own settled way of life” and are “standing up for themselves and their people’s traditions,” unlike “Lily-white Sweden,” which foolishly “opened its borders to large numbers of Third World refugees, and now has a major crime problem centered in those communities,” because Swedes believed the “multiculturalist lie that human beings are blank slates who can be molded easily into accepting a progressive way of life.” Ah, but Rod warns: “The problem is not black or brown people per se; it’s these people as bearers of radically different cultures – cultures that do not easily mix with the settled culture of the locals.” In other words, Rod hasn’t been able to find a way to detach “black or brown” people from the degenerative culture that accompanies them, as their numbers climb, and the white population declines, in the West. But I’m sure there’s a recipe on a college bookshelf somewhere for getting races to change the distinctive cultures they invariably produce. And since we’re told that nations are now propositional rather than of blood and soil, Rod is hoping for a way to convince the blacks and browns to build something like Budapest, so that professional thinkers won’t have to divorce their wives and abandon their children and escape to “lily-white” enclaves, as he has done. 

He recognizes that the “classical liberal” desire to free the individual from “unchosen obligations to community, place, family, or even, as of late, biology, goes deeply against human nature and flourishing.” And he sees that the “Left” judges people “only as bearers of group identity.” His Judeo-conservative solution, which he promotes as moderate, is to adopt cultural Marxist propaganda, ignore all racial realities, and focus solely on “content of character,” even though no one has ever been able to do this, least of all the “civil rights” pimps who preached it as the central tenet of their gibsmedat creed.

He echoes the comments of Marko Attila Hoare, who warns that America is at the same crossroads faced by post-Communist Yugoslavia. Remember that Yugoslavia was an artificial Soviet monstrosity that was never going to survive the free determination of the peoples who were forced into it. But rather than accept the obvious fact that what Rod calls an “ethnically diverse population” was detrimental to the peace and security of the constituent nations, the lesson he draws is that nationalists were to blame for “emphasis[ing] ethnic differences, undermin[ing] the common Yugoslav narrative and play[ing] upon historical grievances.” Rod doesn’t exactly deny that Serbs had valid grievances over their treatment by Croats and Bosnian and Albanian Muslims, “and, before that, at the hands of Muslim Ottoman occupiers.” He just believes that these religiously and ethnically opposed peoples should have found a common sense of identity in their “struggle against the Nazis and other foreign occupiers in World War II.” And there you have it. It’s obvious whose “narrative” is being promoted here, and it’s not those who proclaim Jesus as Lord. There’s no identity to be found in a common negative, and there never has been, but whites are so deracinated today that simps like Rod think this is normal. When Serbs erased “traces of the hated Ottoman imperial past,” Rod dismisses it as the attempt “to reforge the land according to their extremist vision of purity.”

What he expects for America is no different. If whites are oppressed and want the peace and security found in the homogeneity and familiarity that we enjoyed for most of our history, this is not allowed. We are only allowed to find our identity in the military, or what benefits Jews, or in being taxpayers, or in football teams, or in Hollywood filth. Our national identity must now be built “on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, defeat of the Confederacy, victory in World War II and ultimately incorporating Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement…” 

We Kinists utterly reject this Communist imperialism. We didn’t come through the fires of religious persecution, cast off the shackles of a tyrant, forge a new civilization on this continent, and ventilate 300,000 Yankee invaders with Southern steel to allow anti-Christs to hijack the government and purposely flood us with strangers for the purpose of decimating our population and making us forget our past so that we are powerless to prevent the future that they have in store for us.

But you can understand how easy it is for the average person to be alienated from the truth and ignorant of their own heritage. When liars like Rod tell them that the war that the “woke” are waging against Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and statues of our ancestors is the same as an “identity politics” that emphasizes “supposedly inherent, immutable racial identities” that reduce “American history to the history of colonialism, slavery, white supremacy and imperialism,” the average man will believe that to prevent the woke war against all that we revere, we should renounce our racial and religious self-interest (which is the protection of our vulnerable families) lest we be accused by various Christ-killers of “white supremacy.” And this, unfortunately, is how you arrive at Tucker Carlson. 

Theirs is a secular, leveling uniformity that has never actually unified anyone. It finds its expression only in what it opposes, not in what it defends. It views its own past only through the eyes of its enemies. It defines unity as that which must never divide, and virtue as unimpeded tolerance.

Thus, Rod concludes that “White nationalism, à la Achord, is part of the backlash,” where the backlash is defined as what fills the vacuum created by encouraging racial identities, noticing differences, and dividing Americans by reopening old interracial wounds. Cucks like Rod never fail to place blame for “division” on those who are reacting to outrages committed against them. For instance, whites are never allowed to feel abused and seek redress for 3% of the population (young black men) committing 60% of all violent crime. The cuckservative’s solution to division is to blame white men, and only white men, for being fed up with the conditions that have been forced upon them, conditions that they never voted to accept. These are the enemies that Rod and his ilk define as “white nationalists.” 

Rod Dreher is a coward who will be forgotten, whose life will amount to nothing, while men like Thomas Achord who refuse to allow our people to perish will be remembered as heroes.  

To be clear, Rod is not blind and stupid. He sees what is actually happening to his own people. But he can only cower. When he writes that “the Democratic Party,” through its control of “the media, academia, law, medicine, and the commanding heights of the economy” are “discriminating openly against white people,” he’s going to avoid at all costs mentioning the names of the people in control of such things, because it’s his job to denounce others as anti-Semitic, not to himself suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them. Oh no, my friends. Rod Dreher is not your man, if you’re looking for a man. 

No one can deny that whites are being discriminated against. “Wherever you see ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ promoted,” Rod writes, “there you see leftist-approved racial discrimination against whites (and, increasingly, against Asians).” 

Rather than joining us in making an effective stand against the evil men who are displacing us, Rod views us as the enemy. This is why he and Alastair Roberts spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend motivated to destroy their superiors, using the excuse that they are protecting impressionable children. What they have actually done is cut children off from what they need most in life, the godly influence of real men.


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